Incident reporting and investigations

When an incident occurs, contact Campus Security to obtain first aid, other medical aid or to assist with an emergency situation.

All accidents, injuries and near-misses must then be reported as soon as possible to a supervisor using the Departmental Incident and Hazard Report (DIHR). 


Faculty and staff should report incidents that resulted in any of the following:

  • Injury, exposure or occupational disease
  • Time-loss from work
  • Medical treatment (by a Physician)
  • First aid call-out (for work-related injuries)
  • Near-miss (no injury but potential to cause serious injury)
  • Equipment failure
  • Hazardous material spill/environmental release
  • Property damage
  • All immediate reportable incidents, as prescribed by WorkSafeBC.

The individual should send the DIHR to the supervisor (or designate) for review once they have completed PART A. 

All reported incidents incidents require follow-up by the employer/supervisor, including joint investigations with union or worker representatives for all WorkSafe claims, serious incidents, and near-misses that could have caused a serious injury.


  • Students should also report any of the above incidents that occurred in a teaching/research laboratory on campus or as part of approved fieldwork.
  • Minor incidents not meeting any of the above criteria should be recorded in your department's Accident Record Book (pdf).

A preliminary investigation must be completed within 48 hours for all WorkSafeBC claims, serious incidents, and near-misses that could have caused a serious injury.  Both preliminary and full investigations are to be completed jointly by the supervisor and the worker/union representative (coordinated by OHSE).

All other reported incidents must be investigated promptly by the supervisor, documented on the DIHR and reviewed by the joint local safety committee. The supervisor submits the completed form (Parts A and B) to OHSE by campus mail, fax (250-721-6359) or to

Immediate reporting to WorkSafeBC

Certain types of incidents require an immediate report to WorkSafeBC. Please contact Campus Security at 250-721-7599 if any of the following occur:

  • Any incident that kills, causes risk of death or seriously injures a worker
  • A major leak or release of a hazardous substance
  • A major structural failure or collapse of a building, hoist or construction support system
  • Any blasting accident that results in injury or unusual event involving explosives
  • Any incident of fire or explosion with the potential to cause serious injury
  • A diving incident that causes death, injury or decompression sickness requiring treatment

OHSE will then notify WorkSafeBC, ensure that the accident scene is protected and coordinate a joint incident investigation.