Reporting and investigating

All reports of incidents or potential incidents will be taken seriously and will be dealt with appropriately.  The form of the investigation will depend largely on the circumstances and may involve Campus Security, the department involved, union representative and /or external law enforcement agencies.  The investigation may result in the matter being dealt with under the provisions of relevant collective agreement(s), university policies, and/or legislation such as the Criminal Code.

Reporting emergencies

Threats of violence, assaults or other violent incidents that require an immediate response should be reported to both the police and Campus Security.

Callers should provide critical information including their location, the nature of the incident, whether perpetrator(s) are present, etc.

  • Police: 911 or 9-911
  • Campus Security: 250-721-7599

Reporting non-emergencies

Threatening statements or behaviour that gives one reasonable grounds to believe that there is a potential for workplace violence must also be reported.  Such reports may assist in identifying patterns of potential violence and may assist in the prevention of emergency situations in the future.  All such circumstances must be reported to the individuals supervisor and Campus Security.

To report a non-emergency, call Campus Security at 250-721-6683.