Risk assessment

To work alone or in isolation means to work in circumstances where assistance would not be readily available to the worker in case of emergency, injury or ill health.

The following criteria will determine whether assistance is readily available, based on a reasonable expectation:

  • Presence of other people in the vicinity
  • Awareness of other people to the employee’s need for assistance
  • Willingness of other people to provide assistance
  • Timeliness of other people to provide assistance.

The level of risk for most groups on campus will generally be considered low. Most departments are engaged in low hazard activities, work in areas where others are usually present, and emergency assistance is readily available through Campus Security 24-hours per day, including First Aid and liaison with local police, fire and ambulance.

However, there will be certain departments that are engaged in moderate to high hazard work activities and where assistance may not be as readily available (e.g. after-hours work, isolated locations, etc.). The following document summarizes the risk profile for campus including recommendations for next steps.

UVic Campus Risk Assessment