Best practices and resources

For any incident requiring first aid, contact Campus Security (CSEC) at 250-721-7599. CSEC officers are trained in occupational first aid and are the designated first aid providers for the UVic campus.

Campus Alone program

Individuals who are working alone after-hours may utilize the services of CSEC’s Campus Alone program by calling 250-721-7599. This program is particularly useful as a check-in strategy for office staff that work evenings, weekends or on a holiday. Please note that Campus Alone is not a substitute for departments who require a Working Alone Plan and is generally not available during regular business hours.

CSEC also provides a SafeWalk service for individuals who would like to have someone escort them to a building, parking lot or any other location on campus. Please contact 250-721-7599 to request this service.

Sign-out/Check-in System

As a best practice, departments should consider implementing a sign-out system for administrative staff that work on campus, but who are required to leave their work area periodically. Although these individuals are not considered to be working alone, it is important that managers and supervisors have a mechanism for tracking the whereabouts of their employees and following up to ensure their well-being.

A similar strategy should also be implemented for employees that leave campus on a short-term basis or are attending an out-of-town business trip (e.g. daily call-in, cell phone contact number, etc.).

OHSE consultants are here to help

OHSE consultants are available to provide advice and answer questions about working alone, as well as assist department managers/supervisors with their Working Alone Plans. Please contact  or 250-721-8971 if you require assistance.