UVic seeks feedback on non-academic student misconduct policy

- Patty Pitts

UVic is in the process of seeking feedback for a new policy on non-academic student misconduct. If the proposed policy receives widespread support, the university hopes to implement it before classes start in the fall.

"We’re one of the few universities in Canada without a policy clearly outlining acceptable standards of student behavior,” says Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs Jim Dunsdon. “Through this policy we hope to clarify what constitutes non-academic student misconduct and set out processes for submitting, investigating, and responding to misconduct allegations. The policy also contains a process to appeal any decision made under it.”

The proposed policy was developed through extensive consultation with campus student groups and the academic community. Further feedback has been sought through meetings with UVic Students’ Society clubs and course unions and with the UVSS board.

The policy is intended to cover student misconduct that occurs on the university’s property or in connection with a university activity such as: theft, vandalism, or tampering with emergency equipment; unauthorized entry or presence; health and safety endangerment; illegal alcohol and drug use; weapons possession or use; and obstruction or disruption of a university activity.

“All students are entitled to due process and we do not currently have a policy in place that ensures this happens on all occasions,” says Dunsdon. “The policy is not intended to penalize peaceful protest or to impinge in any way on freedom of speech. The policy is intended to provide a mechanism through which improper conduct can be identified, reported and addressed.”

The proposed policy will not govern academic integrity or academic appeals, nor will it apply to student conduct outside of the university’s property unless the conduct occurs as part of a university activity.

Feedback on the draft policy is welcome until April 6 at www.uvic.ca/universitysecretary/policies/news

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