Multifaith COVID-19 update

As a result of physical distancing requirements and the related impact to operations in response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Multifaith Centre will remain closed for drop-in visits until further notice. 

More information on the university's response to COVID-19.


Why connect with a Spiritual Care Provider?

Looking for someone to be on your side? 

Spiritual care providers aim to be non-judgemental you and to be there to advocate for you. They’ll accompany you on your journey to discover your own truths.

Multifaith spiritual care providers aim to be radically inclusive, honouring and celebrating the rich diversity of human identities, including gender, sexual orientation, faith, ethnic origin, and indigeneity.

Spiritual care providers are appointed by their spiritual/faith communities and are volunteers to the campus community.

Interested in life’s big questions?

Spiritual care providers can help you explore big questions like “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?”

Spiritual care providers have diverse perspectives, spiritual backgrounds and global views that can help you to start new dialogues about the big questions and work towards greater understanding.

They can provide emotional, social and spiritual support regardless of a person’s faith or no faith. 

Interested in getting involved in social justice work?

If you are looking for a way to make a positive difference in the world, consider chatting with a spiritual care provider about joining service organizations or social justice groups.

They can introduce you to other students who may or may not be religious, but who are also working to make the world a better place.

Trying to make sense of the world?

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unsure, or not yourself? Multifaith spiritual care providers can be right there with you.

They’re comfortable discussing any topic, such as relationships, science, religion, ecology, faith, art, spirituality, mindfulness and happiness.

Having this kind of sounding board can really help when dealing with relationships, loneliness, and the pressures of being a student. Your conversation will be confidential, unless they hear you talk about hurting yourself or another person..

Looking for tools to center yourself?

Spiritual care providers study and practice tools and skills that are drawn from thousands of years of wisdom. They can help you take steps toward finding self awareness and mindfulness. They might offer tools like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, ritual, prayer, or building community connections.

Spiritual care providers draw from diverse spiritual wisdom and faith traditions to offer students tools and practices that help them awaken to and engage with the sacred in their lives.

Spiritual Care Providers are appointed by their spiritual/faith communities and are volunteers to the UVic campus community.


Faith community online services

Many of the faith communities that support Multifaith are offering their services online.


St. George’s Anglican Church, Cadboro Bay - Sunday Worship

Abbey Church - Sermons and livestreams

St. Philip Anglican Church, Oak Bay

St. Luke’s Cedar Hill

Christian Science - First Church of Christ Scientist

Join meetings by Zoom:

Sunday Church - Sunday 10:30 am
Meeting ID: 646408590

Wednesday Testimony Meeting - Wednesday 7:30 pm
Meeting ID: 646408590

Jewish - Congregation Emanu-El

Online synagogue events and services 

Lutheran Church of the Cross

Worship livestream

Updates, past worship videos, and worship bulletins

Muslim - Masjid Al-Iman

Facebook page 

Roman Catholic - St. Patrick's and Holy Cross Churches

Facebook page 


St. Aidan’s United Church

Cadboro Bay United Church