Integrating Spirituality

Integrating Spirituality program

Spiritual and religious resources for UVic courses

Many people consider themselves religious or spiritual. Chaplains from Multifaith Services are available to add an extra dimension to your course, and perhaps to act as another bridge to your students and the course material.

Chaplains from our 11 faiths are available, either singly or in groups, to offer background information about their religions, to answer specific questions about their faiths and practices, or to participate as spiritual-resource people in other ways.

Chaplains are quite knowledgeable about their faiths, having been chosen by their respective faith communities. They are also people who are comfortable working with other faiths and perspectives, having been approved by the existing team of chaplains with whom they work. And so they are people who work together respectfully and interact well with students.

They are happy to work in whatever format you prefer, whether just once or over the duration of your course.