Serve a higher purpose by volunteering for sponsored community service opportunities through Multifaith Chaplains Services. Give of yourself and work with others to make the world a better place.

Buddhist Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have a skill that could be used to help the Buddhist Community of Victoria?

Do you have a few hours each week that you would like to contribute to the development of Buddhist practice right here on Vancouver Island?

Soshin McMurchy, UVic's Buddhist Chaplain, is currently gathering a group of volunteers, like you, that are willing to serve as a powerful resource for the many diverse traditions of practice in our community. Whether you have specific skills to offer like book keeping, woodworking, gardening, or a knack with computers, if you can help distribute posters for events, or help with the set up for a programme, Soshin would very much like to hear from you! This is a non-sectarian effort that serves to benefit all Buddhist Centres in Victoria, and in doing so may it benefit all sentient beings. If you are interested in taking part, please email Soshin McMurchy at

Intergenerational "Faith Community"

Luther Court is a complex of care facility for seniors located on Cedar Hill Crossroad. Residents and students form a support and faith reflection group using the model of "Base Christian Communities." Committing to meet regularly, participants listen, provide support and pray with and for one another. The benefit of the wisdom and experience across generations is a great gift. If you are interested, contact Rev. Lyle McKenzie, Lutheran Chaplain, Interfaith Services, at pastorlyle@shaw.ca for more information and to talk about suitability for the program.

Rainbow Kitchen

Rainbow Kitchen - assist with preparation, serving or clean-up for a free lunch for those living on the street or on limited income at Saint Savior's Anglican Church. For one to two hours at midday, one day a week from Monday to Friday for two or three students at a time. Please contact The Rev. Ruth Dantzer at  for more information.

Threshold Housing Society

This organization addresses the needs of youth aged 16 to 21 at risk of homelessness, by providing transitional, safe, supervised housing in Mitchell House (for males) and Holly House (for females) in Victoria. Resident youth are semi-independent and must be attending school, training, paid work or volunteer work. Volunteers are needed for a range of opportunities from house maintenance and yard work to fund-raising and quilting.

For more information contact The Rev. Ruth Dantzer 

United Church Volunteer Opportunities