How to apply

Academic background

You must have an undergraduate degree to enter any graduate program at the University of Victoria. This can be in any discipline, but traditionally students in the neuroscience program have backgrounds in biology, biochemistry, mathematics, pharmacology, physics, physiology, psychology and zoology.

See the neuroscience graduate program general application process flow chart for a step-by-step overview of how to apply.

Step 1: Find a prospective supervisor

Potential graduate students are responsible for finding a neuroscience faculty member willing to supervise them in their graduate studies.

Review the different research areas of the neuroscience faculty and contact prospective supervisor(s) by email to confirm a position is available.  Attach your CV, unofficial transcript(s), and two letters of reference to this email.

Step 2: Apply to the Faculty of Graduate Studies

If a supervisor confirms by email that a position is available and they agree to supervise you, you will need to submit an application for graduate studies at UVic (see the Graduate Studies website for steps involved in submitting an application to UVic).

Admission deadlines

The neuroscience graduate program accepts applications on an ongoing basis, however, to be considered for the first round of graduate fellowships, we suggest you apply by January 15th (for the September-to-December semester).

See the University Calendar for a list of important dates for the year.