DMS to Offer Undergraduate Course on Animals and Human Health in Winter 2020

In the winter 2020 semester, the Division of Medical Science will offer the seminar-style undergraduate course Animals & Human Health (MEDS 433).

This course will explores the intersection of animals, humans, and the environment. Students will use peer-reviewed journals to discuss emerging topics, current controversies, and future directions. They will also look at and discuss popular press.

Weekly topics in the course may include zoonotic diseases, environmental impact on animal and human health, research with animals, animals in service and entertainment, the human-animal bond, animals as sentinels, animals as food, and animals in culture. 

 “I’ve run this course as a special topics class (MEDS 487) for two years and got great response with a waiting list, so now it is going to be rolled out as MEDS 433,” says Michele Martin, Veterinary Director at the University of Victoria’s Office of Research Services. “I’m so excited!”

Martin says this course is ideal for those interested in any aspect involving animal or human healthcare.

The course will run Mondays and Thursdays, 10:00 a.m. 11:20 a.m.meds433_dogpic.jpg