The Vancouver Island Concussion Project

The Vancouver Island Concussion Project is an exciting program of research being conducted by Dr. Brian Christie and his colleagues at the University of Victoria. We are seeking to better understand how individuals recover following mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or concussion. We are emailing you to enlist your help in referring individuals with mTBI to two exciting research opportunities that are part of the Vancouver Island Concussion Project.

The first study is a Canada-wide research study specific to youth aged 6 to 17 years who have sustained a concussion. Although mTBI is attracting more media attention than ever before, the current approach to its diagnosis and treatment taken by both clinicians and researchers in Canada lacks consensus. Clinically, some of the greatest challenges are to (1) agree on what constitutes an mTBI (2) how to best assess the individual, and (3) to determine the timing of safe return to academic and physical activities post- mTBI. This is particularly pertinent for children, since there are significant risks for re-injury in this population.  Participants in this study will be followed for 6 months by a team of experts involved in Canada-wide concussion research, have their post-concussion symptoms monitored, receive a tailored physical assessment, and complete tests of their thinking, and social and emotional well-being.

The second study examines how effective using multiple object tracking and related neurocognitive tools can be in helping assess when an individual of any age has recovered from concussion and can return to usual activities (e.g., sports/physical activity, work, school). We see individuals of any age for baseline and/or post-injury testing. Interested participants can book in for this study using the following link: Book Appointment