Chelsea Kaupp, DMSC & EPHE student, successfully defends her MSc

On Dec. 17, 2019, Chelsea Kaupp successfully dedended her MSc Thesis, etitled "Rhythmic arm cycling training improves walking and interlimb integrity in chronic stroke".

Chelsea's MSc research (Neurosciences Graduate Program and Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education) examned the extent to which rhythmic arm training activates interlimb central pattern generator (CPG) networks for locomotion, which she assessed by studying chronic stroke participants before and after 5-weeks of arm cycling training.

Clinical function tests assessed walking, balance, and motor function, and her results showed significant changes in function and neurophysiological integrity. Training increased bilateral grip strength, force during MA plantarflexion, and muscle activation. Clinical evaluations showed enhanced walking ability and balance.

Chelsea's results are consistent with training-induced changes in CPG function and interlimb connectivity, and underscore the need for arm training in the functional rehabilitation of walking after neurotrauma.