These digital collections feature materials about France held by UVic Libraries.

Gisele Freund Photographs of James Joyce in Paris
James Joyce pictured with his grandson

Gisele Freund Photographs of James Joyce in Paris

This exhibit features a series of photographs taken by Gisèle Freund featuring James Joyce during his last years in Paris.

Many of the photographs in the exhibit were previously unpublished and are presented under an agreement with the Estate of Gisèle Freund/IMEC Images.

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This online exhibit is a digital version of an exhibit held at the University of Victoria Special Collections and University Archives, which was the first time Gisèle Freund's James Joyce photographs had been shown in Canada. Special Collections houses Freund's personal and public material relating to the book, James Joyce in Paris: His Final Years.

JM's World War One Sketchbooks
Caricature of army officers

JM's World War One Sketchbooks

These images are from two World War One sketchbooks signed only "J.M." containing watercolour and pen and ink images. J.M. was a British soldier based in France and Belgium between 1917 and 1918. The sketches range from caricatures to sombre images suggesting the horror and carnage experienced by those at the Front.

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