Katharine Maltwood: Seeking the Tree of Life

Items from the Katharine Maltwood fonds.
Items from the Katharine Maltwood fonds.


This exhibition was created by Robbyn Gordon Lanning and sponsored by the University of Victoria Libraries as part of a directed fieldwork project through the University of Washington’s Information School.

Thank you to the many generous professionals who helped make this learning opportunity possible:

      • Lisa Goddard, Directed Fieldwork Supervisor, UVic Libraries
      • Helene Williams, Directed Fieldwork Faculty Coordinator, UW iSchool
      • Kili Bergau, UW iSchool
      • Corey Davis, UVic Libraries
      • Heather Dean, UVic Libraries
      • Cheryl DeWolfe, UVic Libraries
      • John Frederick, UVic Libraries
      • Gail Fowler, UVic Libraries
      • Greg Lanning, UVic Libraries
      • Nada Lora, UVic Libraries
      • Kathy Mercer, UVic Libraries
      • Marie Potter, UW iSchool
      • Caroline Riedel, UVic Legacy Art Galleries
      • Lara Wilson, UVic Libraries

Citation: Gordon Lanning, Robbyn. Katharine Maltwood: Seeking the Tree of Life. University of Victoria Special Collections. September 2015.

Katharine Emma Maltwood fonds courtesy University of Victoria Special Collections, all rights reserved. Photography by Robbyn Gordon Lanning, © 2015.


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