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Much of the history of the Province of British Columbia can be found in its early maps. The University of Victoria Libraries is proud to present a portal for digital early B.C. maps. These maps primarily span the dates 1846-1876 and show the development of the territory from the two founding colonies until after the Province joined confederation. A few earlier maps were collected by the Colonial Office in response to the San Juan dispute and these are also included. There is also a very early map of Puget's Sound because it was included in a Colonial Office series on B.C.

This initial selection of B.C. maps was made in England as part of the B.C. Genesis: Colonial Despatches project http://bcgenesis.uvic.ca The provenance of the maps is often unclear. Some come from the Colonial Office Series, those with CO numbers, the FO maps come from the Foreign Office and the WO maps from the War Office. Others with M numbers appear to have lost their original provenance and are therefore recorded under general map numbers. 

It is hoped that additional maps will be added from the Hudson's Bay Archives, The British Columbia Archives and the B.C. Lands Survey Office. Thanks go to Laura Simpson and Paul Johnson of the National Archives, England, for interest in and support for this project.

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