Hours of Service

Please access Learn Anwhere - UVic's Online Centre for Student Learning to find resources and services to support your academic needs.

For a more detailed schedule of all the Learning Commons events, see the library's workshops page.

Academic Advising

Room 135g

Visit Academic Advising


Career Help

Room 135g

Visit Career Help

Email: careers@uvic.ca

Centre for Academic Communication

Room 135 i/j/k/l/m

For more information please see:

Centre for Academic Communications

International Commons

Room 151a

Global Community Advisor

To book an appointment with the Global Community Advisor please email gcmentor@uvic.ca.

Math & Stats Help

Room 129

Visit the Math & Stats Assistance Centre for more information.


PAS - Physics Help

Room 129

Visit the PAS website for more information.

Learning Strategies

Room 135f

For appointments please email: learning@uvic.ca

Computer Help Desk

Email: helpdesk@uvic.ca

Phone: 250-721-7687

Learning and Research Office

Room 135e

Grad students, faculty members, instructors, and law students seeking research assistance, please see the Research Consultations Page.

Undergrads seeking research assistance, please see the Research Help Desk Page.

Contact the subject librarian for appointments: Subject Librarians

Library Technical Services Help Desk

Email: Technical Support Unit