Curriculum Library Closure & Merger FAQs

What's happening?

The Curriculum Library collection has been moved to Mearns Centre for Learning - McPherson Library. Items are now available to be signed out. Books and kits can be found on the 2nd floor, and CDs and DVDs can be found on the 1st floor in Music and Media.

Want to know more?

Check out: and feel free to ask us, too!

Faculty Questions

1. When will the Curriculum Library space be closed?

April 27, 2018 is the last day the Curriculum Library will be open to the public.

2. If the space is to remain open, what will remain in the space for use by students and faculty?

The space will be closed in preparation for seismic upgrading and may be temporarily repurposed as swing space while the envisioning process is underway.

Puppets, storytime circle, and puppet theatre will remain with the Faculty of Education for instructional purposes.

3. Where will curriculum resources be located? How will they be organized?

Curriculum Collection books and kits are now located on the 2nd floor, and will remain in Dewey Decimal order. CDs and DVDs are located on the main floor at the Music and Media desk. Education materials already exist in the L’s section on the 3rd floor.

4. What services will be available in McPherson to support Education faculty members’ teaching and research?

Education faculty members’ will continue to have teaching and research support through the Education Librarian, Pia Russell.

5. What space(s) are available in McPherson for instructional and small working group purposes?

Students can book group study rooms for group work

Students with disabilities can use the two Adaptive Technology Rooms.

Instructional space is reserved for library instruction and is available only when collaborating with a librarian.

6. Will faculty members have input into the development or organization of the Education collection in McPherson?

Yes, faculty members are welcome to suggest resources for consideration through the Education Librarian, Pia Russell.

7. Where should faculty members submit items for Course Reserve?

Faculty wanting materials on reserve for their upcoming courses can submit their list and materials to the Main Library Reserve Unit, Mearns Centre for Learning—McPherson Library.

8. How will faculty members be updated about any changes throughout this process?

By consulting the website

Updates of changes can be provided by Faculty of Education representatives on the Curriculum Library Closure and Merger Joint Working Group, Dr. Nahachewsky and Dr. Tobin.

Student Questions

1. How will the new space be partitioned in regards to study space (individual and group)?  Is the space suitable for CORE tutoring as it was in MacLaurin?

Mearns Centre for Learning--McPherson Library has multiple group study rooms, which may be booked online, and individual study spaces available for throughout the library. Study spaces and library workstations will be adjacent to the Curric collection.

Group study rooms can be booked for tutoring.

2. Where will the Curriculum Library staff be relocated to in McPherson? During what hours will they be available?

All library staff and librarians are available to answer any of your questions during all hours the library is open.

3. What other services will now be readily available to me? Who else can assist me?

All library services we offer are available to all students, including Education students.  Areas of interest may include visiting the Music and Media commons to sign out media equipment or laptops.  Any student can visit or register for workshops within the Digital Scholarship Commons (e.g. Photoshop, 3D Printing, Arduino workshops, etc.)

All library staff and librarians can offer assistance as needed.  In additions to the Education Librarian, Pia Russell, subject librarians are available to offer research help on a variety of topics.

4. What parts of the collection will be moved? How will they be organized?

All books, CDs, DVDs, kits, journals have been moved to the Mearns Centre for Learning--McPherson Library.  These collections remain in Dewey Decimal order. CDs and DVDs are located on the main floor at the Music and Media desk.

5. Where do I return my Curriculum Library books?

Please return Curriculum Library resources to the McPherson Library after April 27, 2018.