Research Value and Cultural Influence of Chinese Local Chronicles

Ji Lecture on Chinese local chronicles

A lecture with Dr. Ji Xiangde

Director of the Office of Chinese Local Chronicles Guidance Group

June 20, 2018

2:15 pm

Mearns Centre for Learning - McPherson Library

Room 210

Secretary General of the Chinese Local Chronicles Guidance Group (中国地方志指导小组)
and President of the Chinese Local Chronicles Association, Dr. Ji Xiangde will speak about the local chronicles, a unique type of resources for Chinese studies. The compilation of local chronicles is a tradition which has lasted for hundreds of years in China. Till now there exist more than 8,000 titles of local chronicles before the Qing dynasty and over 35,000 modern titles. The talk will focus on the origin, history, development, format change and how these sources can be used by researchers.

Join us to learn more about the key resources of the Chinese local chronicles and their research value.