Ian McTaggart Cowan Exhibit

What can you expect to find in the new online exhibit?

The Ian McTaggart Cowan Collection invites us to explore intimate 3D scans of animal specimens, along with McTaggart Cowan’s photographs and field notes, a new map-based discovery interface, and original footage of the CBC Television shows that he hosted during the 50s and 60s.  A guided tour with Briony Penn takes the reader on a digital walkthrough of Cowan’s life.

Who does this exhibit appeal to?

This collection offers detailed insight into BC ecology and ecosystems, some of which no longer exist.  Along with numerous digital research objects, this accessible online exhibit provides context and interpretation to the non-expert user and for anyone interested in BC wildlife and ecology.

Some highlights from Dr. Ian McTaggart Cowan’s career:

  • UVic’s Chancellor from 1979 to 1984, and one of Canada’s foremost wildlife biologists and conservationists. He died April 18, 2010, two months shy of his 100th birthday.
  • He warned about climate change to the Arctic in 1952; the first conference of meteorologists and biologists was 1975.
  • He was at the forefront of developing the environmental review process.
  • A remarkable naturalist known as the “father of wildlife conservation and ecology.”
  • He highlighted the need for scientific independence, peer review and supporting local communities/First Nations/non-government organizations with adequate time and resources to put forward their arguments during the reviews.
  • He was Canada’s pioneer of natural history television programming.