Si Ku Quan Shu

License Agreement: Si Ku Quan Shu is only licensed for use by UVic students, faculty, staff, and users in the library.

Current Users: Because we have access for only ONE user, please remember to exit your session when you've finished your search.

To use Si Ku Quan Shu, you may either...

  • Link to reader and install it on your computer.
  • or use a public access PC (not Mac) in the Learning Commons in the McPherson Library. You will be able to use it by selecting “SKQS” from the Windows Start Menu. (Look for "The Electronic Version of SKQS")

To use Si Ku Quan Shu database from off-campus, You need to follow these steps:

  1. Download and build up VPN connection on your home computer. Click here for details. 
  2. Download the Si Ku Quan Shu Reader and install it on your computer
  3. Once the downloading is successful, you can use the reader to connect to Si Ku Quan Shu
  4. On the Si Ku Quan Shu log-in page, please ignore the user id and password log-in and use "IP Login" to enter.
  5. Please click on 四库全书电子版数据库使用说明 for a users' guide in Chinese


  • The database works best with the Internet Explorer.
  • On the Home page of “Wen Yuan Ge Si ku Quan Shu”, click on “IP Login" to enter the database.