Architectural Records

Included here are architectural records and collections featuring architecture of the region and from around the world.

Early watercolour image of UVic campus
Early watercolour image of UVic campus

The changing face of University of Victoria campus lands

Virtual exhibit of the history and development of the University of Victoria campus to 1999.

This website holds the content of the pamphlet The Changing Face of University of Victoria Campus Lands (ISBN 1-55058-204-6), edited by Jane Turner and Don Lovell, published by the University of Victoria Archives, Copyright © 1999.

Laszlo Hudec
Portrait of Laszlo Hudec

Laszlo Hudec Collection

In Shanghai, Hugyecz started to use the name L.E. Hudec in official writings. In the space of seven years, Hudec had several major projects under his belt, and by 1925 he had established his own office and a place as one of the leading architects in the city. Many of his buildings (Park Hotel, Moore Memorial Church, Grand Theatre, The Mansion, Union Brewery, Wu’s House, Estrella Apartments, etc.) are well preserved and visible today.

Samuel Maclure architectural drawing
Drawing detail

Samuel Maclure Architectural Drawings

Architectural drawings and plans by Samuel Maclure (1860-1929) for homes in Victoria, and other British Columbia locations.

Maclure received commissions from many prominent Victoria and British Columbia businessmen and politicians.