Redefining learning

The University of Victoria affirms the fundamental benefits of a liberal education.
The University of Victoria affirms the fundamental benefits of a liberal education.

Integrating the new reality of 21st century education

The University of Victoria strategic plan affirms the fundamental benefits of a liberal education: the acquisition of knowledge, the development of good judgment, communication skills, critical thinking, quantitative analysis, civic engagement and global citizenship. The pathways to these core competencies are becoming ever more complex and diverse in the 21st century. The library is committed to addressing the learning objectives of the university in the following ways:


The library works with stakeholders to ensure all UVic students achieve digital information fluency to thrive in the 21st century university, workforce and society.

  • The library will provide differentiated teaching in research and critical thinking skills needed to navigate complex, information-rich environments
  • Librarians will partner with faculty and other stakeholders to embed digital information fluencies within the curriculum
  • Using a variety of assessment tools and data analyses, the library will evaluate the quality and success of our learning programs


The library seeks to create quality learning environments essential to the success of our students:

  • The libraries' physical spaces help to "de-silo" the university and facilitate intellectual collisions within and across all disciplines.
  • The library will infuse the Learning Commons concept across all spaces and create reconfigurable, technology-rich, collaborative experiences that enhance dialogue and cross-disciplinary engagement
  • The virtual experience of the library will be integrated, seamless, personalized and intuitive. Library staff will be as present in the virtual spaces of the library as they are in the physical spaces
  • The library will create experiential learning opportunities for students