Redefining community

The library continues to foster a sense of community in our virtual and physical spaces.
The library continues to foster a sense of community in our virtual and physical spaces.

Transformative experiences

The University of Victoria is an essential, integrated part of the intellectual, economic, cultural and social life of the broader community. Within this context the library has a foundational place in the university’s role of helping people live well in the 21st century. Our openness to the broader community and our partnerships enrich the library and campus and provide meaningful experiences that are the foundation of a well-rounded university education. The key elements of the library’s strategic community directions are:


  • Develop a communication strategy and assessment tools that highlight our strengths and programs
  • Create awareness for the important contributions we are making and areas in which we are providing leadership
  • Develop new methods to enhance community members' knowledge of and ability to participate in library activities and events, and to discover the extensive resources available
  • Broaden our digital community contact and outreach

Partnerships, collaborations and library spaces

  • Build strategic collaborations and partnerships with social, cultural, educational and business institutions to promote civic and social engagement, and support UVic innovation and entrepreneurial activities
  • Geography is destiny, both virtually and physically, and the library embraces its position at the heart of the university, as a space that not only provides a sense of place but also creates inspirational experiences that lead to new discoveries

Our workplace

  • Promote a healthy organizational culture in which we are engaging with one another and our work to leverage and grow staff potential; enhance leadership skills; and strengthen collaboration
  • Empower staff to be innovative and entrepreneurial by promoting a learning and research environment in which strategic risk taking is valued and successes are recognized