International Teaching Assistants (ITA)

If you are new to Canada, you will find Western University’s Communication Strategies for International Graduate Students manual a very useful resource. It will help you with ways of communicating in Canada, whether as a TA, with colleagues, or to your graduate supervisor.

This in turn will help you to be successful when you teach, talk with your supervisors and apply for jobs, as cultural differences exist in all of these areas.

There are many other opportunities provided for you to work on your professional development, such as attending the TA Conference's, workshops, and taking part in the International TA Consultant (see information below) program.

At the University of Victoria, we support TAs through various programs. One of our best programs is the TA Consultants (TACs) program that positions TA mentors ("TA Consultants" or "TACs") in most UVic departments. TACs develop discipline-specific seminars that cover a range of practical topics, tips, approaches and issues most pertinent to TAs at UVic. Additionally, TACs provide one-on-one support as required.

In addition to the TAC in your department, we have designated two experienced TAs as International TACs (ITACs) to specifically support new and existing International TAs with cultural similarities and differences in the Canadian classroom, and teaching in another language. Please see the TAC page to learn who the ITACs are this year and to see their program learning outcomes.

The Centre for Academic Communication (the CAC) is located in the Learning Commons in the McPherson Library. We provide academic writing support to all registered UVic students.

Visit the CAC for your own academic writing needs, but you can also suggest it to students you work with. The CAC tutors help students to become more efficient and effective writers. 

In addition to facilitating TA conferences and workshops, The CAC can help international TAs and students with:

  • presentation skills
  • pronunciation support
  • one-on-one tutoring
  • online tutoring
  • drop-in help

International Student Services

International Student Services (ISS) will help you get the most from your UVic experience by offering pre-arrival support, arrival and settlement support and ongoing support throughout your studies.

Services for international degree program students, international exchange students and international visiting students include:

  • International Student Services website – a great place to start whenever you have questions.
  • Orientation – we host the International Student Welcome Conference and give every new international student a welcome package.
  • Advisors who are available to answer your questions about immigration documents, health insurance, housing, social insurance numbers and income tax, identification cards, banking and other non-academic issues related to your life as an international student. We can also connect you with other helpful resources, both on and off campus.

Phone: 250-721-6361
Office: University Centre Room A205
Hours: 9:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday
Facebook: UVic Global Community

Global Community

The UVic Global Community is a mosaic of international, indigenous and domestic students, staff and faculty working together to celebrate diversity, advance inter-cultural competency and cultivate an inclusive and globally-minded campus.

UVic's Global Community endeavours to:

  • connect international, Indigenous and domestic students
  • support all students’ well-being, social inclusivity and academic success
  • respect the beliefs, values, abilities and sexual orientations of all people
  • empower students to take leadership roles and get involved
  • unify and enrich our UVic global citizenry

Equity and Human Rights

The Equity and Human Rights (EQHR) office works to provide equitable access to and participation in employment and educational opportunities.

This includes the development and implementation of educational programs, investigating human rights complaints, assisting with dispute resolution, consulting on implementing equity plans and advising the university on reaching its strategic goals in these areas.

UVic EQHR also offers a series of workshops and opportunities that TAs and students can take advantage of.

Library guidance for international TAs

Scott Johnston and Ying Liu, the Graduate and Asian Studies Librarians at the MacPherson Library, have created a library subject guide for International TAs.

The guide contains the most commonly-used library services and resources for international TAs, including library guides for citation styles.