Teaching awards

Below you can find information about applying for current awards.

Andy Farquharson Teaching Excellence Award for Graduate Students

This award, named after a past Director of the Learning and Teaching Centre, is for registered graduate students who have excelled in their teaching during the preceding calendar year.

Up to three awards are given out annually. There is a recognition ceremony every year, but each department is encouraged to showcase individual achievements and skills.

The nomination form and further information can be found on the Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) website.

Application Process

Each department, or academic unit, is invited to select an awardee.

Enquiries should be directed to the .

Past Recipients


Pamela Fraser, MA student, Department of French
Joseph Horan, PhD candidate, Department of Mathematics and Statistics and Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LATHE) Graduate Certificate candidate
Osman Uluocak, MASc student, Department of Mechanical Engineering



Natalie Boldt, MA, Department of English
Leah Gajecki, M.Sc., Department of Chemistry
Mehdi Hashemi, PhD, Department of Political Science


Maleea Acker, MFA, MA, Doctoral candidate, Department of Geography
Cassandre Campeau-Bouthillier, MFA, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Anthropology
Kaitlin Findlay, MA, Department of History


John Murray, MA candidate, Department of Anthropology
Kimi Dominic, PhD candidate, INTD, Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Geraldine (Gerry) Gourlay, PhD candidate, Department of Biology


Andreas Bergen, PhD student, Department of Computer Science
Elizabeth Hagestedt, PhD student, Department of Anthropology
Usman Khan, PhD student, Department of Mechanical Engineering


Emma Nicholls-Allison, PhD candidate, Department of Chemistry
Kevin Tunnicliffe, MA candidate, Department of English
Kerry-Lynn Weatherhead, MA candidate, School of Child & Youth Care


Michael Lukas, PhD candidate, Department of English
Jason Siefken, PhD candidate, Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Jamie Kemp, PhD candidate, Department of History in Art


Scott Kouri, MA, School of Child & Youth Care
Jessica Blythe, PhD, Department of Geography
Iman Moazzen, PhD, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Catherine Nutting, PhD, Department of History in Art
Crystal Tremblay, PhD, Department of Geography


Brynn Dooley, PhD, Department of Chemistry
Janet Love, PhD, Department of Psychology
Tara Thomson, PhD, Department of English


Jonathan Chui, PhD, Department of Chemistry
Jonathan Morris, MA, School of Child & Youth Care
James Rowe, PhD, School of Environmental Studies


James Biggar, MA, Environmental Studies
Melanie Siebert, Masters in Fine Arts, Writing
Christine Tippett, PhD, Curriculum & Instruction


Judith Burgess, Nursing
Mary Butterfield, Philosophy
Joe Gilroy, Chemistry
Catherine Hedlin, Child & Youth Care
Leigh Anne Isaac, Biology
Maria Koblanck, Political Science
Alicia Lammerts van Bueren, Biochemistry & Microbiology
Yisrael Levin, English
Christian Lieb, History
Todd Milford, Educational Psychology & Leadership
Scott Miller, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Graham Percival, Computer Science
Dan Pollock, Mathematics & Statistics
Jeff Ralph, Environmental Studies
Jonathan Rudge, Physics & Astronomy
Kelly Sakaki, Mechanical Engineering
Michele Tanaka, Curriculum & Instruction
Jun Tian, Pacific & Asian Studies
Susan Vanderhill, Psychology
Qian Wang, Linguistics


Spencer Alford, Biochemistry & Microbiology
Chedo Barone, Mathematics and Statistics
Cindy Brown, Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Robert Diaz, History
Rana El-Sabaawi, Biology
Flavio Firmani, Mechanical Engineering
Anudeep Kanwar, Physics & Astronomy
Olav Krigolson, Physical Education
Horace Luong, Chemistry
Brock MacLeod, English
Leanna Madill, Curriculum & Instruction
Kinga Menu, Geography
Prabhakar Neti, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Adeniyi Onabajo, Computer Science
Linda O'Neill, Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Paul Spence, School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Christine Upright, School of Nursing


Tania Demchuk, School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Jocelyn Dimm, Curriculum and Instruction
Denis Dubord, History
Lindsay Gellhaus, Physical Education
Kelly Jazvac, Visual Arts
Andra Li, Biochemistry and Microbiology
Steve McKinnon, Chemistry
Mark Schurch, Mathematics & Statistics
Suzanne Stewart, Educational Psychology & Leadership
Coby Tschanz, Nursing
Susan Wilson, English


Megan Anderson, Visual Arts
Derek Church, Computer Science
James Clem, Physics & Astronomy
Fred Ford, Child and Youth Care
Deepak Gautam, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Angela Jackson, Biochemistry & Microbiology
Tanis MacDonald, English
Greg Mulligan, Physical  Education
Dan Myles, Chemistry
Jacobus Swarts, Mathematics & Statistics
Sandra Umpleby, Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
Michelle Yeo, Curriculum and Instruction


Apurva Bhargava, Biochemistry and Microbiology
Chris Falk, Computer Science
Carmen Gress, Educational Psychology and Leadership
Akiko Hayashi, Curriculum & Instruction
Rambabu Karumudi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Craig Kuziemsky, Health & Information Science
Stewart Langton, Curriculum & Instruction
Nicole Little, Child & Youth Care
Chris Morier, History
Megan O'Connell, Psychology
Paul O'Connor, Chemistry
Heather Paul, Earth & Ocean Sciences
Tim Quick, Environmental Studies
Erin Ronsse, English
Aaron Sanderson, Physics & Astronomy
Jill Simmons, Mathematics & Statistics
Sarah Stewart, Physical Education
Jennifer Tuey, French
Andrea Vaags, Biology


Michael Burnett, Child & Youth Care
Stirling Chow, Computer Science
Linda Coupal, Education Psychology and Leadership
Jocelyn Dimm, Education Curriculum & Instruction
Kim Edmondson, French
Martin French, Political Science
Alex Hodge, Mathematics and Statistics
Leigh Anne Isaac, Biology
Roy Jensen, Chemistry
Meghan MacLeod, Physical Education
Justin McGrail, History in Art
Margaret Milne, Physics and Astronomy
Kim Nuernberger, Sociology
Carla Randall, Nursing
Brad Riel, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Sitara, History
Jody Spence, Earth and Ocean Science
Frances Sprout, English
Nicola Temple, Biology
Lisa Van Bruggen, Psychology


Tina Block, History
Jennifer Charlesworth, Child & Youth Care
Sulan Dai, Pacific & Asian Studies
Patric Finn, English
Dominique Fortin, Physics & Astronomy
Katrina Gantly, Psychology
Jill Heater, Education Psychology and Leadership
Leigh Anne Isaac, Biology
Bryan Koivisto, Chemistry
Michael Kory, Earth & Ocean Science
Erik Laxdal, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Rachael Skirrow, Biochemistry & Microbiology
Sam Stinson, Physical Education
Bogdan Verjinschi, Mathematics & Statistics


Allison Benner, Linguistics
Jesse Bingham, Computer Science
Robyn Cathcart, Music
James Clem, Physics & Astronomy
Cam Culham, Theatre
Dennine Dudley, History in Art
Elise Fear, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lee Haines, Biochemistry & Microbiology
Yuri Kagolovsky, Health Information Science
Maureen Niwa-Heinen, English
Scott Nokleby, Mechanical Engineering
Iris van Rooij, Psychology
Graham Sinclair, Biology
Ben Sporer, Physical Education
Cristina Stoica, Mathematics & Statistics
Todd Sutherland, Chemistry
John Twomey, Political Science
Alicia Ulysses, Hispanic & Italian


John Aycock, Computer Science
Darryl Brousmiche, Chemistry
Kendrick Brown, Earth and Ocean Science
Brad Buckham, Mechanical Engineering
Ellen Busby, Biochemistry
Rachelle Funk, History in Art
Jean Hansen, Sociology
Amanda Langley, Education Psychology and Leadership
Andrew Murray, English
Bruce Phillips, Psychology
Nick Sheehan, History in Art
Jill Simmons, Mathematics

Kelly Curtis Memorial Teaching Award (Department of English)

This award memorializes Kelly Curtis, an outstanding student from the English 502 course in its early years and one of its very successful graduates. The Kelly Curtis Memorial Teaching Award celebrates her excellence at, and her devotion to, teaching.

This award recognizes each year’s most promising graduate student in the course on Teaching Literature and Composition. The course pairs student teachers with professional mentors in college and university classrooms at Camosun, Royal Roads and UVic. The award winner is the student with the best teaching assessments from these mentors.

For further information on this award, please contact the .

Past Recipients

  • 2021 No Award Presented
  • 2020 No Award Presented
  • 2019 Deborah Ogilvie
  • 2018 No Award Presented
  • 2017 Janice Niemann
  • 2016 Yan (Amy) Tang
  • 2015 Lindsey Seatter
  • 2014 Kevin Tunnicliffe and Mary Wallace
  • 2013 Samantha MacFarlane
  • 2012 Tim Personn
  • 2011 Alena Chercover
  • 2010 Camille Van Der Marel
  • 2009 Caitlin Dunn
  • 2008 Paisley Mann
  • 2007 Bronwyn Dunbar
  • 2006 Alison Knight