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JCURA Research Fair

Prepare for the JCURA Fair

The Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) offers workshops and other support to help you prepare for the Fair.

  • Learn to explain your research in a concise and engaging manner to a diverse audience.
  • Create a professional academic poster to highlight the goals and findings of your research.

JCURA participants will be given the opportunity to submit their poster or presentation in PDF to the Library to be included in a collection of JCURA projects held in the UVic repository. Each poster will have a unique URL and will be accessible to the public. Hopeful participants will be expected to produce a high-quality and professional looking presentation. Presentations that are artistic in nature are also encouraged. Please contact the for more details.

How to make an academic poster for the JCURA Fair

How to get started:

  • There are many sites on the internet with poster templates, so take a look at what posters in your discipline usually look like. Google Images might provide some inspiration.
  • Here is a link to a website that has free downloads of poster templates.
  • This link provides helpful information and resources for making posters.
  • This YouTube video explains step by step how to create a poster using PowerPoint.
  • Blink offers tips on PowerPoint poster design.

After the JCURA Fair

  • Final Survey about your JCURA research

A brief, final, online survey completes the requirements for the JCURA. The URL will be emailed to you after the JCURA Fair. If possible, we would like it completed by April-end.

  • Consider submitting your poster/creation/project for consideration for inclusion in the JCURA online poster collection.

  • Consider submitting your work to the Arbutus Review, UVic’s peer-reviewed, online journal of undergraduate research.

  • Future Online Survey about your JCURA experience

The LTSI has received UVic research ethics approval to survey all JCURA participants to learn about their experiences and to assess the impact. At some point after you have completed your JCURA, you will receive an email invitation to participate in this brief, anonymous, on-line survey. We hope that you will voluntarily participate.


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