Submit your article or poster for publication

JCURA Research Fair

How to submit your poster/creation/project for consideration for inclusion in the JCURA 2022 online poster collection

1. All submissions must be in PDF. There is no size limit. For artistic works, you can submit two files: one of the work, and one of the description of the work and the research behind it.

2. Include citations of key concepts and images, etc. If you include images, photos, graphs, charts, etc. in your submission, note that you have to have permission to do so if you are not the creator of the work. Please talk to the Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) about this requirement if you have questions.

3. Your PDF poster submission must be emailed to the by June 1, 2022. To email your poster you will need to follow these instructions.

4. In addition, your supervisor must approve your submission before June 1, 2022. Approval is given through filling out an online form.

5. As well, you must fill out an online form by June 1, 2022.

Please refer to the LTSI website for more updates on workshops, support, and guidelines.

What to include on your poster
In addition to your research and findings, be sure to include:

•    In the top right corner, include your name, the name of your department, the date you produced the poster, the following statement: “This research was supported by the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards, University of Victoria,” and “Supervised by ….., (Department, if different than yours).

For example:

Jane Doe, Department of Curriculum & Instruction
March 9, 2022
This research was supported by the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards, University of Victoria
Supervised by Dr. Kay Smith, Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies

How to submit your article for consideration for inclusion in the 2022 issue of The Arbutus Review

1. Prepare your manuscript:

  • The maximum is up to 25 pages, double-spaced, not including references.
  • Please note that due to changes to the Canadian Copyright Act, photographs and other images that are included in your paper but were not created by you require permission from the creator. If the use of these images requires payment, The Arbutus Review editors reserve the right to provide a link to the online images rather than pay in perpetuity for the online use of the images.
  • Research on people, animals, or biological matter must have ethics approval to be considered for publication. Please provide documentation of the ethics approval at the time of submission.
  • Write an abstract and choose key words for your manuscript.
  • Use the APA Style Guide, 7th Edition, for citations and references.

2. Create an author account for the journal and submit your file, abstract, and key words online.

3. Ask your supervising instructor to send an email to to approve your submission.

Submissions are due by June 1, 2022.