Yang, Soolin

Project title: Decolonizing praxis: Implications for Child and Youth Care

Department: Child and Youth Care

Faculty supervisor: Prof. Jin-Sun Yoon

"As a student who was born in and raised in Korea, my background in Korean history during the Japanese colonial rule has encouraged me to extend my understanding in colonialism into Canadian society. In the School of Child and Youth Care, a preamble about decolonizing praxis in practicum courses has been implemented as a guiding principle with little concrete direction. In this research project, I would like to explore how decolonizing praxis has been conceptualized by faculty members who teach practicum courses and their specific intentions in transforming practicum courses with a decolonizing approach. Through this research, I aim to provide some operationalization of terminology in order to provide clarity for students, instructors, and field supervisors because the term “decolonization” is often misunderstood depending on our varying social locations as Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. As the school’s mission to decolonizing praxis in practicum settings is early in its implementation, the results of this research will support future directions in terms of curricular decolonization. Furthermore, it is timely to set upon this research in light of the recent release of the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls’ report and to enhance the school’s commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Calls to Action report from 2015."