Weinzierl, Miriam

Project title: Metal hypersensitivity screening among healthcare workers

Department: Nursing

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Dzifa Dordunoo

"Access to timely evidence is critical to evidence informed decision making for improved patient outcomes. However, it is estimated that it takes roughly 17 years for 14% of research findings to be incorporated into clinical practice. Current strategies for evidence dissemination include peer reviewed journals, workshops, conferences, e-health tools, and hospital policies. Documented barriers to access of evidence among nurses include time, limited access, “user- unfriendliness” of published guidelines, practice environment unsupportive of electronic device use and difficulty using research resources. This project aims to use online tools to evaluate and disseminate evidence regarding metal hypersensitivity screening among healthcare workers.

Student Activities

  • Recruit participants using online tools
  • Participate in scoping review
  • Present preliminary findings at JCURA Student Fair (March 2020)."