Thomson, Malcolm

Project title: After the Crash-Out: Understanding the Implication of Brexit on EU Economic and Monetary Integration

Department: Interdisciplinary Academic Programs - European Studies

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Elena Pnevmonidou

"The 2016 referendum decision for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union (EU) has caused a fundamental change in how the EU and its member states view European political, social, and economic integration. This change is seen in current EU member states reconsidering their position vis-à-vis the EU as well as in how the EU views its relationship to both current and potential member states. My research will analyze the impact the Brexit decision has had on European economic and monetary integration with respect to both current and potential member states. My research will outline different political blocs that currently exist within the EU and will analyze the positions that these blocs have to EU economic and monetary integration following the Brexit decision. My research will consider in particular the following blocs: the New Hanseatic League who, like Britain, are skeptical of the monetary union; new member states who aspire to join the monetary union; and core Europeanist states like Germany and France. Additionally, my research will analyze how these blocs view the prospect of EU enlargement in regards to the EU’s Economic and Monetary Union and how these positions will affect the ability of the EU to grow its membership in the future."