Schneider, Lindsey

Project title: ¿Y sí los facistas ganaran?/And if the Fascists Won? Spain and World War II Political Narratives

Department: Hispanic and Italian Studies

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Silvia Colás Cardona

"My 2019/2020 JCURA project will be an in-depth analysis of the political and social climate surrounding the Spanish Civil War. Spurred by the question, “How did fascism survive World War II in Western Europe?”, the investigation will draw on my undergraduate work in theatre and Hispanic Studies to analyze the sociopolitical environments of both Spain and the Allied Powers that enabled Francisco Franco’s dictatorship to survive well into the 1970s. As a theatre major, I was fascinated by the rich creative output of the Republican-leaning Generation of 27, especially when it came to their sometimes-revolutionary writings in the increasingly hostile environment of Spain in the 1920s and 1930s. This JCURA will blend my Hispanic Studies minor with technique from my theatre major–the Spanish-language research and translation work will fuel the creation of a performance piece that incorporates historical research, texts from contemporary Spanish dramatists, first-person accounts from the period, and my own writing. Inspired by performance styles such as vocal masque that I have studied throughout my theatre major, The Living Essay-style, one-woman performance will address the research question ‘Did the fascists win? And why?’. The final piece will take place at the Phoenix Theatre on Presentation Day, a celebration and exhibition of the theatrical work of the department’s newest graduates."