Rambold, Natalya

Project title: Masculinities in Motion: The Implications of Shifting Narratives of Nationalism on The Formation of Canadian Masculine Identities

Department: Political Science

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Sikata Banerjee

"Recent changes to the way we talk about men and masculinity from the #MeToo, to the rise of so called ‘incels’, has led academics and Reddit users alike to declare a ‘crisis of masculinity’. While feminists and men’s rights activists differ greatly in their understanding of the ‘crisis’ and their proposed solutions, it seems that the very definition of masculinity is under review. My research attempts to discern the impact that nationalism has on the debates surrounding emerging trends in masculinity in Canada.

Using an explicitly feminist lens, this project aims to understand the ways in which shifting discourses of Canadian nationalism are impacting the formation of masculine identity for young, self-identified Canadian men. Given the deeply gendered and racialized roots of all nationally ‘imagined communities’, my project attempts to understand how recent efforts to publicly acknowledge the legacies of colonialism and move towards a kinder, ‘gentler’ nationalism, have impacted discourses of Canadian masculinity. The goal of this research is to use my findings on emerging trends in Canadian national rhetoric to better understand the so called ‘crisis of masculinity’ in Canada, and the gendered, racialized, and colonial underpinnings of the Canadian nation-state."