Parker, Benjamin

Project title: Post-War Art in Europe: Stravinsky, Sibelius, Vaughn Williams and Schoenberg in the wake of WW1

Department: Music

Faculty supervisor: Prof. Merrie Klazek

"Historiographical methods and musical analysis will be used to investigate the careers and work of four
European composers during World War One and the inter-war period. Specifically, we will explore how World War One's economic, cultural, and political consequences intersected with the careers of these four composers, and the extent to which these three careers had similar responses to the consequences of World War One. The four composers, Stravinsky, Sibelius, Schoenberg and Vaughn-Williams have been chosen for the diversity they represent, in nationality, residence, and style of music. Inclusion of a composer each from Russia, Finland, Austria and England, will provide four different perspectives of life during and after the War, and four unique musical responses. Included in the research will be some reference to how political conflict affects artists and their work, thereby offering a platform of art as a reflection of life. This is an influence that is highly applicable and significant to our current day political climate."