Mason, Hana

Project title: Re-coming of Age: Themes, Motifs and Conventions in New Adult Fiction

Department: Writing

Faculty supervisor: Mr. Lee Henderson

"Through research for a current writing project, I have noticed a new genre of literary fiction arise that is neither YA (young adult) nor traditional adult contemporary. It is neither about teenagers, nor about full-grown adults, nor even about children told in retrospect by adults. It explores themes and motifs that pull from both, and has conventions all its own. This genre, which has been called “New Adult” and focuses on the lives of 19-35 year olds, is what my research for this JCURA will focus on. What are the commonalities in these “quarter-life-crisis” novels? What themes are millennial authors exploring? What are the style conventions of said works? I will use this research to further my own novella project, which fits into this new, exciting genre."