Lawrence, Bronwyn

Project title: Decolonizing Praxis: Implications for Child and Youth Care

Department: Child and Youth Care

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Mandeep Mucina

"As the University of Victoria moves towards reconciliation and decolonization, it is important to provide critical research that supports this movement. More specifically, due to the historical approach to social services in Indigenous communities, decolonization needs to be at the centre of practice in the School of Child and Youth Care (CYC). Therefore, I am applying for the JCURA award to support my work with Soolin Yang to explore decolonizing praxis in CYC practicum settings. Our research would explore the perspectives and ideologies of faculty who work with practicum students and support the creation of updated curriculum. As a student in the Indigenous specialization, I have been through two practicum courses and I have insight into practicum at an Indigenous agency. To ensure good practices in the suggested curriculum updates, I would centre Indigenous voices in this process, and incorporate the voices of Indigenous CYC students and faculty."