Lake, Daniel

Project title: Living Learning Communities and University Student Success: Do Themed Residence Floors Impact Future Incomes?

Department: Economics

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Maggie Jones

"In many academic institutions across North America, students moving into a university residence have the opportunity to choose between living in a traditional dormitory floor, or on a themed floor, often called a Living Learning Community (LLC). LLCs differ from traditional dormitory floors as the environment of an LLC is catered to a specific theme, often based on academic discipline or shared interests. In the United States and Eastern Canada, research has shown that students who have lived on themed residence floors have higher retention rates into subsequent years of study, as well as higher graduation rates when compared to students on traditional floors. Since living on a themed floor is positively correlated with graduation rates, and if degree holders on average have higher median incomes than those who do not, it may be the case that living on a themed residence floor can positively impact future real median income. This study will compare outcomes of students who have lived in LLCs to those who have lived in traditional residence dormitories, specifically looking at retention rates and graduation rates to see if previous research is consistent in Western Canadian universities, and if there is a link between living in a LLC and future median income."