Kwan, Heather

Project title: Comparative Behavioural Changes in Healthy Aging

Department: Psychology

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Jodie Gawryluk

"Previously, I completed an independent study that reviewed functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies that compared younger and older adults. While this review focused on functional changes, the literature also suggested behavioural differences between the two age groups- often a behavioural decline is associated with aging. Recently, my lab preformed a study where a Multi-Source Interference Task (MSIT) was administered to young and old healthy adults. In this study I plan to compare the behavioural aspects of the task, reaction time and accuracy, between the two groups. Based on findings from my previous independent study, I plan to explore any patterns of change associated with aging and variables that could lead to individual differences in this the accuracy of this task. This work will contribute to our understanding of behavioural changes in the healthy aging."