Ingram, Megan

Project title: Police, Prejudice, and Film: Contemporary Perspectives on Filmic Representations of Law Enforcement

Department: Art History and Visual Studies

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Lianne McLarty

"The proposed research project will examine representations of police officers and law enforcement personnel in relation to historically legally disadvantaged groups (people of colour, indigenous persons, women) within the last fifty years of North American narrative cinema. The project will analyze films centred around the relationship of law enforcement personnel to citizens of a variety of gender identities and races. Specifically, it will examine how these representations present ideological and social constructions that manifest in reaction to contemporary legal debates and human rights movements such as Black Lives Matter. This is a valuable research avenue as it will contribute to existing academic literature on representations of law enforcement in film, but from an interdisciplinary sociological and intersectional feminist approach. The research conducted will draw on feminist theories of representation, sociological theories of crime and deviance, cultural theories of race representation in film, and on analyses of key films."