Giannopoulou, Kleio

Project title: Child-slaves in Classical Athens

Department: Greek and Roman Studies

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Geoffrey Kron

"How are child-slaves depicted in Classical Tragedy? What can these texts reveal about their lives? My project will explore these questions through the investigation of the tragic plays of Euripides and Sophocles. For this project I will research the intersections between artistic creation and reality. Also, I will be looking, as a helpful basis for comparison, into the work of Keith Bradley, who has investigated child slavery in the context of the Roman empire. Moreover, I intend to contrast the examples of child-slaves with case studies of male and female slaves. This contrast will highlight differences in the treatment of minor-slaves and adult-slaves. I am currently most interested in the lives of child-slaves, mainly because of the huge legal and cultural gap between what consists child abuse in the classical period and in our time."