Fortini, Benjamin

Project title: A meta-analysis of marine light pollution on fish: Behavioural and physiological impacts

Department: Biology

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Francis Juanes

"This project will assess the effects of anthropogenic light pollution on fish. Using existing literature on the subject, I will assess the impacts of light pollution using a meta-analysis, specifically focusing on behaviour and physiology. I will also investigate whether the trophic levels and ecosystem roles of the fish are factors in their susceptibility to light pollution. The impacts of anthropogenic light pollution have been well studied in specific cases, but an overall integrated analysis for fish has not yet been done. With this meta-analysis, I will have a scientifically sound and standardized synthesis of the literature on the impacts of light pollution on fish. This study will highlight trends and effects of marine light pollution with implications for aquaculture, for use in policy to mitigate the impact of light pollution on marine systems and to bring awareness to gaps in the literature that may merit further research."