Fitterer, John

Project title: Investigating Postnatal Choline Supplementation as a Potential Avenue for FASD Treatment

Department: Medical Sciences

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Brian Christie

"Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are the leading known cause of preventable developmental disabilities in Canada, however due to a lack of effective treatments, the associated physical and mental deficiencies typically persist over one’s lifetime. However, recent research has shown promising results with choline. I will be using in vitro electrophysiology to examine how prenatal ethanol exposure (PNEE) affects cholinergic transmission in males and females, and how those changes respond to postnatal choline supplementation. By investigating these changes during critical postnatal stages, I will be testing the efficacy of the novel treatment, postnatal choline supplementation, with the ultimate goal of rescuing FASD deficits in adolescents."