Burgoyne-King, Jessica

Project title: Strategies of Co-Resistance: Indigenous and Black Mobilizing to Combat Racism and Colonialism in Canada

Department: Political Science

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Rita Dhamoon

"What relationships of solidarity exist between Indigenous and Black communities mobilizing to combat racism and colonialism in Canada? How is liberation and decolonization approached in similar or different ways by Indigenous and Black communities? My research will bridge an Afro-futurist lens with Indigenous strategies of resistance. This research will be grounded in the resistance strategies and experiences of Queer, Transgender, Two-Spirit (QT2) people’s perspectives on resistance, and will examine how QT2 people resist within their communities and bridge their modalities of resistance to dismantle oppressive state structures. I specifically focus on the some contemporary modalities of co-resistance that deconstruct the current hegemonic power relations imposed by the nation-state on the bodies of Indigenous and Black peoples, such as collective action organized through Idle No More and Black Lives Matter-Toronto. I will benefit from this mentoring experience because of the research skills I will gain, specifically in terms of conducting a literature review, defining key terms, using databases to identify sources, evaluating those sources, and linking theories of liberation and decolonization with political practice."