Anderson, Cole

Project title: Central Asian views of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Department: Pacific and Asian Studies

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Andrew Marton

"The belt and road initiative is one of the world’s largest ongoing development projects. Being funded by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank based in Beijing, the goal is to improve much of the world’s shipping and trading infrastructure while tying the world closer together. This has not come without controversy however as the western world is hesitant of a Chinese lead investment bank being totally honest about their ultimate goals. This has been none more true in Central Asia, where after decades of Soviet rule, the countries have fell into a state of disrepair. China and the AIIB are trying to change that however and are working with the governments of these central asian nations to change this. But how do people in this region actual feel about the departure of the Soviets and entrance of the Chinese? How do the Chinese citizens feel about their government’s advancements into Xinjiang and further in Central Asia? This project will analyze and process these thoughts and try to see what China and AIIB might actually be planning for the future of the region."