Award details

Saromi Kim

Department: Art History & Visual Studies

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Lianne McLarty


“I will explore what we may learn from media and how identity is constructed, and reinforced within it. I will specifically look at the various representations of Asians in film and TV shows as well as interview people on their ideas of them. I intend to research the Asian stereotypes such as the model minority, the exotic hyper-sexual female, the effeminate funny  man, the Kung Fu fighting master as well as the development of those roles over the last few decades. My research will be concluded in an experimental documentary where I explore different identities with regards to films, TV shows and even Youtube channels we watch. I want to challenge and question how much media influences society as well as our identities. 

As a young woman born in Canada with parents who emigrated from South Korea there is a hard feat trying to identify with many of the Hollywood movies playing today. I realized growing up I put these stereotypes onto myself and allowed other people to place them onto me because that is what I learned from media. I would like to uncover what makes someone like me "exotic" and what types of conventions Hollywood uses to create an ideal world. I would like to continue with my anotherfansview website by placing myself into current films but also research and write in a critical view what roles minority groups in particular play to create meaning within a film.”