Award details

H. Claire le Nobel

Department: Music

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Andrew Schloss and Prof. Paul Walde


"This research award will provide me with the opportunity to explore the creative applications of new technology in a cross-disciplinary practice, combining visual art and music. I will be able to work with the physical media necessary for sculptural installation, as well as hardware and software that allow for interactive control in my work. My purpose as an interdisciplinary artist is to create a subjective experience for people to become conscious of their existence through the perception of sound-related phenomena. My work inspires an awareness of self, space, and moment, and those who experience my work become educated about our physical and perceptual relationships with sound.

By working between the disciplines of visual art and electronic and computer music, my practice is liberated from a singular, defined context. Instead, I am able to embrace the various creative and technical approaches that these disciplines offer, while speaking to different artistic traditions from a new perspective. Working with Dr. Schloss and Professor Walde on a research-based sound art project will be a successful and transformative learning experience."