Boncajes, AJ

Project title: Youth Migration in Japan: From Rural to Megacity

Department: Pacific and Asian Studies

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Andrew Marton

"This project will examine the phenomenon of youth migration from rural areas to megacities in contemporary Japan. The research will analyze how the movement of young adults impacts populations in both the countryside and cities with a particular focus on young workers and how rural areas cope with the increasing proportion of elderly residents. From this baseline analysis, the project will examine how youth migration is represented in film, literature and popular culture, and will consider if such depictions are having an impact in the decisions of individual young people in deciding where they want to settle. Where possible and appropriate, interviews with Japanese youth will be undertaken to compare their migration experiences to those portrayed in films, documentaries, manga and books to highlight any significant differences and similarities. Findings from this cross examination of evidence will be used to comment on perceptions of a youth crisis currently unfolding in Japan, and to consider possible solutions to the demographic imbalance between cities and rural areas."