Writing and editing

Writing can seem like such hard work. To make it easier, think about your writing projects in chunks. Try approaching your writing with the 40/20/40 strategy in mind:

  • Spend 40% of your time and energy researching and planning your writing.
  • Write for 20% of your time, translating your ideas and research into a document that communicates your ideas to your audience.
  • Work for 40% on revising and editing. This may seem like a lot, but it may make the difference between a B+ and A-; spending time on editing means you will communicate your ideas clearly instead of doing a "good enough" job.

You can work 1-on-1 with a writing tutor by booking an appointment at the Centre for Academic Communication (CAC) online. Additionally, you can work with the online writing tutor or drop in to our various CAC workshops to ask your questions.

When it comes to editing, ask! Your instructor will tell you if you can have a friend check your writing, if you can hire a private editor, or if you can use online grammar-checking software. Some instructors will say it’s fine to do so, while others will think it’s not okay.