Teaching dossiers

Teaching dossiers are well-established across North America as the fairest and most effective way to assess and improve teaching. Dossiers should only be used for key moments in a faculty member’s career, since they are somewhat time-intensive to produce and require a degree of reflection consistent with processes such as tenure and promotion, or application for a major award. Teaching Dossiers are consistent enough to be able to be evaluated as a form of scholarship in any discipline and flexible enough to allow for individual creativity and to support diversity on the other.

The Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) regularly offers workshops to help colleagues (instructors and TAs) to create their teaching dossier.

Colleagues are recommended to attend a workshop and then to make a one-on-one appointment with the LTSI once they have an initial draft that requires individual consultation. Those who come with the matrix completed will make the best use of the appointment. Please see the LTSI Calendar of Events for the next Teaching Dossier Workshop.

Biennial Teaching Activity Reports

In contrast to the more reflective and broader teaching dossier, the biennial teaching activity report is completed every two years for merit and governed by the Collective Agreement (June 2015 to June 2019).

The following is a guide to help regular faculty to create activity reports for their teaching. The guide was developed some years ago by the LTSI. We have left the former terminology to maintain the integrity of the original but strongly recommend the use of the more modern terminology, which leads to less confusion amongst the broader academic community, in the current development of departmental or faculty guidelines.

Teaching Activity Report Guidelines