Assessing Teaching

Want to learn more about assessment of teaching: A recent (2019) literature search was undertaken by LTSI to explore: What is teaching excellence within the post-secondary environment and secondly, how is teaching excellence most effectively measured?

Teaching Dossiers

Teaching dossiers are the most effective way to demonstrate teaching effectiveness and develop strategies to improve teaching.

LTSI offers workshops to assist faculty, instructors and graduate students to develop their teaching dossier. See the LTSI Calendar of Events for the next Teaching Dossier Workshop

Attend a workshop and/or make a one-on-one appointment for an individual consultation on your teaching dossier with the LTSI Director of Teaching Excellence, Cynthia Korpan.

Biennial Teaching Activity Reports

Biennial teaching activity reports are a short form of the teaching dossier. It is completed every two years for merit and governed by the Collective Agreement (June 2015 to June 2019). The following document will be updated once the new Collective Agreement is finalized and available.

Teaching Activity Report Guidelines