Lesley Scott

Lesley Scott
Research Assistant

MA (Edin)

Lesley has worked for most of her life in Scotland, initially in human Resource Management in industry and latterly in higher education at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.  At RGU, from the late 1990s, she taught Critical and Contextual Studies to art and design students at Gray’s School of Art, until 2010 when she left for Canada with her family. As a teaching academic at RGU, she not only lectured but also held the positions of Disability Co-ordinator and Learning Enhancement Co-ordinator, both roles which allowed her to pursue her strong personal interest in pedagogic improvement and change.  In Canada, she continues with these interests at UVic, as a research assistant in the Learning and Teaching Centre and as a PhD student in Leadership Studies.

Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University (1997-2010)

Between the Lines

  • Art and science: the ‘two cultures’
  • Order, chaos and complexity; form, pattern and structure
  • Perception: ‘what sees is the mind’
  • The art of photography and physics

Illusion to Immersion

  • From Memex to Matrix; abstracting the Web
  • Changing spaces; intersections of the real

Blank Page (A student exploration of the role of writing in studio practice)

  • Deconstructing word and image
  • Digital futures: writing in digital space

Turning to Beauty

  • What is beauty?
  • Consuming beauty; the critique of the avant-garde
  • On the edge; beauty and ugliness explored
  • A new aesthetics


  • Research Methods Programme, Level 3 
  • Critical Evaluation Tutorial Programme, Level 4
  • Approaches to Writing (for art and design students with dyslexia )
  • Dyslexia Awareness for Students
  • Dyslexia Awareness for Faculty
  • Peer Assisted Learning
University of Victoria (2013 to date)
  • The future of teaching and learning in the university. LTC, Let’s Talk about Teaching workshop
  • Curriculum Design Institute, LTC.  Participant support and instruction.
  • The imaginary and the real: higher education and emergent models of the university. Guest lecture for Dr. T. Gounko  (EPLS)

PhD topic: Pedagogic change processes in the Canadian research-intensive university.

Sub-topics and interests: change management, leadership theory & practice (particularly in academic cultures); faculty empowerment and collegiate approaches to change; national and international higher education policy (particularly learning outcomes-based quality assurance reform); comparative approaches to change and models of interest in Canada and internationally.
Indicative projects/funding awards
  • (2004) - iSpace Project. Developing Online Resources for Dyslexic Students in Art and Design.  Funding award: ADC-LTSN (Subject Centre for Art, Design & Communication. Learning and Teaching Support Network). 
  • (2007) - First Year RGU Project Award.  Collaboration with First Year Programme Leader, Gray’s, to pilot peer support for first year students transitioning to University.
  • (2008) - John Gray Award.  Exploring writing as an assessment tool in art and design education. Contextual and Critical Studies/Studio collaboration to develop integrated approaches to writing through art and design assessment (student publication available on request)
  • (2009) - Robert Gordon University pilot project; Mahara. Collaboration with First Year Programme Leader and DELTA (Department of E Learning, Teaching and Assessment) to pilot blended learning approaches using the e-portfolio software; Mahara (report available on request).
  • (2009) - The Enable Project, Robert Gordon University, Gray’s School of Art project.  Team Leader with First Year Programme Leader.  Enable was a UK wide structure established to support the introduction of blended learning within U.K. Higher Education.  The Gray’s project was one of eight Enable projects at RGU (report available on request). Nine universities took part.
2006-10 Committee service, Robert Gordon University
  • Faculty Quality Enhancement Sub-Committee. Faculty of Design and Technology 
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment Sub-Committee. R.G.U. 
  • Disability and Dyslexia Committee. R.G.U.
  • E-Learning Advisory Group.  R.G.U.
  • R.G.U. Steering Group. Graduates for the 21st Century
  • Teaching and Learning Committee. Gray’s School of Art
  • School Academic Board. Gray’s School of Art
  • Appeals Panel, Faculty Level Investigating Committee - Academic Misconduct.
2006-2010 Quality Assurance & Learning Enhancement
  • (2006/10) - Internal Panel Member; Robert Gordon University Course Validation (MSc Project Management, LLB Online, MBA Agribusiness Management, etc., etc.)
  • (2007) - Q.A.A. (Quality Assurance Agency) Scotland, Enhancement Led Institutional Review (ELIR) of Robert Gordon University. Representative at ELIR meeting ‘to discuss institutional approach to quality enhancement at institutional, Faculty, School and course/programme levels’.
  • (2008) - Representative at Institution-Led Subject Review and Course Portfolio Re-Approval for Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University.
  • (2009) - Internal Panel Member for Institution-Led Subject Review: Scott Sutherland School of Architecture, Robert Gordon University.

2012 to date: Learning & Teaching Centre, University of Victoria 
Indicative projects:
  • May 2013. Trends and developments in higher education: Scotland and Canada. Contribution to annual Learning and Teaching Centre Away Day.
  • May 2013. Quality matters in blended learning; Being more than together and more than apart. Arranged visit of Dr. Norman Vaughan, Faculty of Teaching and Learning, Mount Royal University, Calgary, to the University of Victoria.
  • July 2013. Research Resources for Current and Future Trends in University Teaching and Learning: Australia, Europe and North America. End of year report for Learning and Teaching Centre; an annotated bibliography on ‘big ideas in teaching and learning’.
  • March 2014. Annotated bibliography; learning outcomes and quality assurance reform. Supporting documentation for revision of University level learning outcomes (includes annotations by J Parsons, Acting Director, LTC).