Jane Butterfield

Jane Butterfield
Math & Stats Assistance Centre Manager
LTSI and Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics


Office: DTB A445

Jane Butterfield grew up in Washington State, where she earned a B.S. in mathematics at the University of Puget Sound. She completed her graduate studies at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, earning an M.S. in the teaching of mathematics and a Ph.D. in mathematics. Her thesis work was in the area of extremal graph theory. She is interested in methods of assessing student learning, particularly as a means of ensuring access and equality. At UVic, Jane manages the Math & Stats Assistance Centre and trains and mentors the department's teaching assistants.


  • ​Math 100 (UVic, Spring 2015)
  • Modern Algebra (UMN)
  • Calculus I, II, III (UMN, UMTYMP program)
  • Math & Stats TA workshops

Workshops, ​Enrichment, Outreach:

  • ​​Math & Stats TA Workshops:
    • Training orientations
    • Advanced Time Management for Markers (Math & Stats TAs)
    • CV Preparation (Math & Stats TAs)
    • Classroom Management (Math & Stats TAs)
    • Describing your Research (Math & Stats TAs)
    • Developing Mathematical Writing Skills (Math & Stats TAs)
    • Active Learning in Difficult Settings (Math & Stats TAs)
  • Math Mania volunteer (Fall 2014)
  • Math Path instructor (Summer 2014, Summer 2013)
  • Girls Excel in Mathematics, academic director (UMN, 2012 - 2014)
  • Teacher Professional Development, instructor (UMN, Summer 2012, 2013)
  • UMTYMP Summer Program, instructor (UMN, Summer 2013)
Alternative methods of assessing student learning, particularly as a means of improving access and equality. Improving access to and encouraging interest in mathematics among underrepresented populations. Developing math curriculum and enrichment activities that make math accessible and interesting for younger audiences as well as math-averse students or students with math anxiety.

Selected recent talks:

  • ​​Combinatorial Potlatch invited speaker: Line-of-sight pursuit in sweepable polygons (2014)
  • AMS Special Session on Outreach for Mathematically Talented Youth: The kids don't bite, but they never stop asking questions: Two new recruits teach at Math Path. (2013)
  • Joint Mathematics Meeting: Reducing the gender gap on a qualifying exam (2013)
  • St. Olaf Mathematics Seminar invited speaker: Ramsey games for triangles (2012)

Conference sessions organized:

  • ​Co-organizer, "Assessing Student Learning: Alternative Approaches", at the Joint Math Meetings 2014.
  • Co-organizer, "Alternative Assessment Techniques", Project NExT Panel, Joint Math Meetings 2013.
  • Co-organizer, 8th annual Graduate Students Combinatorics Conference, 2012.

Undergraduate research supervised: 

  • Subdividing the wheel graph towards a unit distance graph in the plane, with I. Garfinkle, S. Jacobs, S. Stankey. UMTYMP summer research project.
  • Line-of-sight pursuit in polygonal environments, with A. Beveridge, V. Isler, L. Berry, Z. Keller, A. Shine, J. Wang. MAXIMA Research Experience for Undergraduates.


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  • J. Balogh, J. Butterfield, P. Hu, J. Lenz, Mantel's Theorem for Random Hypergraphs, submitted.
  • J. Balogh, J. Butterfield, P. Hu, J. Lenz, D. Mubayi, On the Chromatic Thresholds of Hypergraphs, to appear, Combinatorics, Probability, and Computing.
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  • J. Butterfield, T. Grauman, B. Kinnersley, K. Milans, C. Stocker, D. West, On-line Ramsey Theory for bounded degree graphs ​Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 18 (2011), Paper P136, 22 pages.